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Reports of All-Japan Businessmen’s Individual Judo Championships 2015


※ eJudoメルマガ版9月19日掲載記事より転載・編集しています。
Reports of All-Japan Businessmen’s Individual Judo Championships 2015
All-Japan Businessmen’s Individual Championship 2015 was held on Aug,31 at Baycom gymnasium in Amagasaki-city.

All senior Judoka have the right for entry this tournament, except Police and Student. And the Judoka who advanced semi-finals in this game can go into a Kodokan Cup, selection match for Grand Slam Tokyo.

Short reports and resulst of each category are below.
If you can read Japanese text, you should access Japanese report.

Report of Day 1 in Japanese text

Report of Day 2 in Japanese text

■ -60kg category
eJudo Photo
Tadahiro Nomura annaunced his retirement at press conference.

eJudo Photo
Hirofumi Yamamoto threw Ryudo Tsubaki by ippon with beautiful Uchi-mata at final match.

The participation of Tadahiro Nomura who won three olympic titles attracted big attention. he got Ippon by Ippon-seoinage at 1st game, and got Ippon again by seoi-nage at 2nd game.

At 3rd game, he was defeated by Ryudo Tsubaki who got 3rd place last year's tournament. Nomura was thrown by Kata-guruma and lost Ippon.

After this game, 40 years old Nomura annaunced his retirement. He said "I have no regrets, I have done everything I can".

The winner of this category was Hiforumi Yamamoto who won Grand Slam Tokyo 2010 and 2011. He got 5 Ippons in 5 games and won 1st prize of this competition for the first time. He had got into a slmup for a long time, but won 1st prize at Kodokan cup 2014 and had suddenly recovered.

Yuki Ishikawa who held the championship for 4 years was defeated at 2nd round.

eJudo Photo
Hirofumi Yamamoto got the first title of this championship.

1. Hirofumi Yamamoto
2. Ryudo Tsubaki
3. Takumi Miyamoto
3. Ryo Kawabata

※57 Judoka participated

Hirofumi Yamamoto〇Ippn by Uchi-mata(1:37)△Ryudo Tsubaki

Hirofumi Yamamoto〇Ippon by Uchimata(2:23)△Takumi Miyamoto
Ryudo Tsubaki〇Yuko△Ryo Kawabata

■ -66kg category
eJudo Photo
Hiroaki Hiraoka got Waza-ari by sode-turikomi-goshi at final match.

Hiroaki Hiraoka, finalist of 2012 Olympic games in London, won the 1st prize.

He got 4 Ippons (Seoinage, O-goshi, Uchi-mata, Ouchi-gari) in 5 games and advanced to the final. At final match that faced to Ryota Ishiguro , he got 1 Waza-ari by Sode-turikomi-goshi and 3 Shidos.

He converted to -66kg grade after London, and this is the first title for him in this category. Though he is 30 years old , he said "I take pride in that I am an active player and I do not give up the challenge to the Olympic games 2016"

eJudo Photo
This is the first title for Hiraoka in -66kg category

1. Hiroaki Hiraoka
2. Ryota Ishiguro
3. Yusuke Aoki
3. Yuhei Rokugo

※80 Judoka participated

Hiroaki Hiraoka〇Waza-ari by Sode-tsurikomi-goshi△Ryota Ishiguro

Ryota Ishiguro〇Ippon by Seoi-nage(4:36)△Yuhei Rokugo
Hiroaki Hiraoka〇Ippon by Ouchi-gari(1:34)△Yusuke Aoki

■ -73kg category
eJudo Photo
Soichi Hashimoto got Ippon by right Tai-otoshi at final match.

The winner of huge tournament that 106 Judoka made entries, was Soichi Hashimoto, champion of last year's competition and All Japan Championships Fukuoka held in this April.

The opponent of final match was Keiichi Ota, three years consecutive finalist.
In this match, Hasimoto got Yuko by left ippon-seoinage. After this Yuko, he keep attacking with this technique and force his opponent to paying attention to left side. Then, he attacked by right-Taiotoshi. Ota fell to tatami in an instant.

eJudo Photo
Hashimoto, champion of All Japan Championships Fukuoka 2015, got first prize.


1. Soichi Hashimoto
2. Keiichi Ota
3. Kazuya Tamura
3. Norhihiro Shimoyama

※106 Judoka participated

Soichi Hashimoto〇Ippon by Tai-otoshi(3:15)△Keiichi Ota

Soichi Hashimoto〇Hansoku-make by 4 times shido(3:11)△Norhihiro Shimoyama
Keiichi Ota〇Ippon by Seoi-nage(2:43)△Kazuya Tamura

■ -81kg category
eJudo Photo
Yashuhro Ebi threw Tomohiro Kawakami with Ura-nage and got Ippon.

eJudo Photo
Ebi, champion of last year's competition, got the title again.

Yasuhiro Ebi, champion of last year's competition won the 1st prize again.
At Final, he threw Tomohiro Kawakami twice. Waza-ari by Kouchi-gari and Ippon by Ura-nage.

1. Yasuhiro Ebi
2. Tomohiro Kawakami
3. Tomoki Haruyama
3. Masashi Kobayashi

※92 Judoka participated

Yasuhiro Ebi〇Ippon by Ura-nage(0:59)△Tomohiro Kawakami

Yasuhiro Ebi〇Ippon by Seoi-nage(2:30)△Tomoki Haruyama
Tomohiro Kawakami〇Ippon by Ouchi-gaeshi(0:10)△Masashi Kobayashi

■ -90kg category
eJudo Photo
Masashi Nishiyama got Ippon with outstanding Harai-goshi at final match.

Masashi Nishiyama, bronze medalist of 2012 Olympic games London, got 1st prize.
At the final he throw Taichi Kugimaru with fantastic left Harai-goshi and got Ippon. He forced his opponent to move to the left and that movement made him able to throw.

Nishiyama had suffered from serious injury in his knee, and operated nine months ago. This tournament was the first game after operation.

He said "I thought that I have to retire if I lost the game. I do not give up the challenge to Olympic games 2016 and I think this challenge is the duty of active player. I want to make next one year a dramatic one."

eJudo Photo
Nishiyama, bronze medalist of London 2012 said "I do not give up the challenge to the Olympic games 2016"

1. Masashi Nishiyama
2. Taichi Kugimaru
3. Kyohei Kakita
3. Norihide Yamamoto

※79 Judoka participated

Masahi Nishiyama〇Ippon by Harai-goshi(4:36)△Taichi Kugimaru

Taichi Kugimaru〇Ippon by Osoto-gari(3:07)△Kyohei Kakita
Masahi Nishiyama〇3 times Shido △Norihide Yamamoto

■ -100kg category
eJudo Photo
Yusuke Kumashiro got Ippon by Seoinage at final match.

eJudo Photo
Kumashiro got 1st place.

Yusuke Kumashiro, champion of All Japan Championships Fukuoka 2014, got the title. At final match, he threw Shohei Shimowada with left "hiji-nuki" Seoi-nage and got Ippon. It is the second title of this championship for him.

Kumasiro already had a right to participate to Kodokan Cup. So addtional qualifying match was held, and as a result, Mizuki Otsu got the ticket to Kodokan Cup.

1. Yusuke Kumashiro
2. Shohei Shimowada
3. Gaku Fujii
3. Ryohei Anai

※66 Judoka participated

Yusuke Kumashiro〇Ippon by Seoi-nage(2:29)△Shohei Shimowada

Shohei Shimowada〇Ippon by Osoto-gari(0:25)△Gaku Fujii
Yusuke Kumashiro〇Yuko(GS0:52)△Ryohei Anai

-Qualifying match for Kodokan Cup-
Mizuki Otsu〇Ippon by Tate-shiho-gatame(2:52)△Daiki Tanaka
Shinsei Kozonoi〇Waza-ari△Mitsuki Ishimoto
Mizuki Otsu〇Osoto-gaeshi(0:10)△Shinsei Kozonoi

※Otsu advanced to Kodokan Cup

■ +100kg category
eJudo Photo
Daiki Kamikawa toppled Kenta Nishigata with Osoto-gari and got Ippon.

The highlights of this tournament was semi-finals, at which Daiki Kamikawa faced Kenta Nisigata who won this year's All Japan Championships Fukuoka.
A close battle was expected, but result was a shocking "Ippon". Kamikawa threw Nishigata with outstanding Osoto-gari.

Kamikawa won final match with 4 times shido-penalty and got gold medal.

The participation of Hirosi Izumi, Olympic finalist, was also a great topic. Though he is 33 years old, He reached to quarter finals and joined qualifying match for Kodokan Cup. But he lost both of this games and could not get the right for Kodokan Cup.

eJudo Photo
Kamikawa got gold medal

1. Daiki Kamikawa
2. Kenta Akasako
3. Kenta Nishigata
3. Ryuta Toyota

※66 Judoka participated

Daiki Kamikawa〇Hansoku-make by 4 times Shido△Kenta Akasako

Daiki Kamikawa〇Ippon by Osoto-gari(1:37)△Kenta Nishigata
Kenta Akasako〇Ippon by Awase-waza(0:42)△Ryuta Toyota

-Qualifying match for Kodokan Cup-
Jun Tsuchiya〇2 times Shido△Hiroshi Izumi
Koji Sudo〇Ippon by Sode-tsurikomi-goshi(1:42)△Gohi Sakai

Also Tsuchiya and Sudo advanced to Kodokan Cup

■ U-22 category
eJudo Photo
Yu Usami attacked over and over.

eJudo Photo
19 years old Usami got 1st prize.

This unique category is peculiar to All-Japan Businessmen’s Individual Championship. Only a player at 22 years or younger can join this tournament, of course, except student.

The winner was Yu Usami, 19 years old.

1. Yu Usami
2. Rikiya Tanaka
3. Chihiro Tsuzuki
3. Yuki Onishi

※48 Judoka participated

Yu Usami〇2 times Shido△Rikiya Tanaka

Yu Usami〇3 times Shido△Chihiro Tsuzuki
Rikiya Tanaka〇Waza-ari△Yuki Onishi

■ -48kg category
eJudo Photo
Yurie Morisaki faced Ayumi Kasahara at final match.

Yurie Morisaki, champion of Kodokan cup 2013 got the first title of this competition.
She defeated Miri Toda by Ippon with Ippon-seoinage in Semi-finals. And after this great success, she beat Ayumi Kasahara with getting Shido-penalty twice.

Hiromi Endo, champion of IJF World Masters 2013, was defeated by Kasahara with Waza-ari in the second round. She had operated on left knee, and this tournament was first match after the operation.

eJudo Photo
Morisaki, champion of Kodokan cup 2013, got 1st prize.

1. Yurie Morisaki
2. Ayumi Kasahara
3. Miri Toda
3. Shoko Ibe

※13 Judoka participated

Yurie Morisaki〇2 times Shido△Ayumi Kasahara

Yurie Morisaki〇Ippon by Ippon-seoi-nage(0:22)△Miri Toda
Ayumi Kasahara〇Ippon by Kesa-gatame(2:41)△Shoko Ibe

■ -52kg category
eJudo Photo
At final match, Yakushiji attacked with left Ippon-seoinage.

eJudo Photo
This was first big title for Yakushiji.

Miki Watanabe, the No.1 seed, was defeated by Narumi Ohta with Seoi-nage in 3rd round, and Natsumi Gomi was defeated by Yuka Kaneda with Waza-ari in the quarter finals. As a result, there are no top player on semi-final rounds.

Winner was Momoko Yakushiji. This was the first big title on her career.


1. Momoko Yakushiji
2. Narumi Ohta
3. Yuka Kaneda
3. Harumi Nagakabe

※21 Judoka participated

Momoko Yakushiji〇Shido△Narumi Ohta

Narumi Ohta〇Yuko△Harumi Nagakabe
Momoko Yakushiji〇Ippon by Yoko-shiho-gatame(1:43)△Yuka Kaneda

■ -57kg category
eJudo Photo
Shoko Ono got Ippon by Ouchi-gari at final match.

eJudo Photo
Ono got 4 Ippons in 4 games.

Shoko Ono won the championship with prominent result. She got 4 Ippons in 4 games.
Highlight of the tournament was semi-final. Ono defeated Megumi Ishikawa with outstanding Ouchi-gari. The time required for victory was only 11 seconds.

1. Shoko Ono
2. Eimi Kaneko
3. Makiko Otomo
3. Megumi Ishikawa

※29 Judoka participated

Shoko Ono〇Ippon by Ouchi-gari(3:42)△Eimi Kaneko

Shoko Ono〇Ippon by Ouchi-gari(0:11)△Megumi Ishikawa
Eimi Kaneko〇Yuko△Makiko Otomo

■ -63kg category
eJudo Photo
Maiko Kainuma faced Maaya Kawagishi at final match.

eJudo Photo
Winner was Kainuma.She recovered though she could not join Kodokan Cup 2014.

Winner was Maiko Kainuma of JR East, 26 years old judoka who graduated Shukutoku University.
She defeated Natsumi Katagiri,No 2 seed, by Ippon at semi-finals, and beated Maaya Kawagishi by Ippon with Tate-shihou-gatame in the final.

1. Maiko Kainuma
2. Maaya Kawagishi
3. Ayako Shiose
3. Natsumi Katagiri

※16 Judoka participated

Maiko Kainuma〇Ippon by Tate-shiho-gatame(2:56)△Maaya Kawagishi

Maaya Kawagishi〇2 times Shido△Ayako Shiose
Maiko Kainuma〇Ippon by Ouchi-gari(1:32)△Natsumi Katagiri

-Qualifying match for Kodokan Cup-
Yuka Osumi〇Ippon by Yoko-shiho-gatame△Ai Okawa
Chihiro Sakai〇Ippon by Awase-waza(1:42)△Narumi Sawamura

※Osumi and Sakai advanced to Kodokan Cup

■ -70kg category
eJudo Photo
Yoko Ono threw Naeko Maeda at golden score match.

eJudo Photo
Ono got first title of this event.

Yoko Ono of Komatsu, champion of Kodokan cup 2012, won the title. At final match, she defeated Naeko Maeda of JR East. She got Yuko by Uchi-mata in golden score match. This is the first time she got 1st prize of this event.

1. Yoko Ono
2. Naeko Maeda
3. Haruna Noseki
3. Yuri Isobe

※14 Judoka participated

Yoko Ono〇Yuko by Uchi-mata(GS1:47)△Naeko Maeda

Naeko Maeda〇Shido(GS1:00)△Haruna Nosek
Yoko Ono〇Deashi-harai(0:30)△Yuri Isobe

■ -78kg category
eJudo Photo
Shori Hamada, champion of All Japan Championships Fukuoka, defeated Satomi Okamura by Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame.

eJudo Photo
Hamada got Ippon by Uchi-mata at final match.

eJudo Photo
Winner was Hamada.

National champion Shori Hamada got outstanding Ippon over and over. In semifinal, she defeated Tomomi Okamura by Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame, her favorite technique. After this great success, she threw Shiori Yoshimura, champion of world junior championships 2013, by intense Uchi-mata and got Ippon.

1. Shori Hamada
2. Shiori Yoshimura
3. Tomomi Okamura
3. Misaki Shimoda

※9 Judoka patricipated

Shori Hamada〇Uchi-mata(0:49)△Shiori Yoshimura

Shori Hamada〇Ude-hishigi-juji-gatame(1:05)△Tomomi Okamura
Shiori Yoshimura〇Shido△ Misaki Shimoda

■ +78kg category
eJudo Photo
Miku Eboshi got Yuko and defeated Nami Inamori.

eJudo Photo
This was the first time she got biz championship.

Miku Eboshi got the first title of this competition., At final match, after last minute struggle , she got Waza-ari by Uchi-mata and beat Nami Inamori who got World junior championship 2013.

Manami Inoue who has the world junior title of 2011 and 2010, was defeated by Inamori in 2nd round by Kami-shihou-gatame.

1. Miku Eboshi
2. Nami Inamori
3. Miwa Goto
3. Aki Hatamura

※15 Judoka participated

Miku Eboshi〇Waza-ari by Uchi-mata△Nami Inamori

Nami Inamori〇2 times Shido△Miwa Goto
Miku Eboshi〇Ippon by Awase-waza(0:50)△Aki Hatamura

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